Footprints Employment & Training

Take the Step with Footprints

Footprints Employment and Training is an industry leading recruitment, mentoring and cultural change organisation, working with individuals and companies to provide education, support and cultural change with the goal of empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the workforce across Australia.


Through a supportive and mentor-based structure, we work with individuals to understand themselves, their strengths and what training they need, then provide what they need to be employed in the field of their interest. We work alongside companies to place these individuals into employment and continue the individual mentoring for up to 12-months, post placement, ensuring long-term success for both employer and employee.

Our services extend to mentoring current Aboriginal and Torres Strait employees in order to develop a greater relationship between employer and employee, and to maximise the outcomes for both parties. This mutually beneficial mentoring relationship allows for not only maximised results, but a greater understanding of the specific needs of having Aboroiginal and Torres Strait employees.

Pillars of Success

Talent Aquisition

We build out pre-employment programs that provide candidates not only the necessary accredited training but also making sure they have the requisite skills needed to operate effectively and safely in the workplace, increasing your retention.


Our team of mentors guide Indigenous job seekers through their journey into job readiness by not just gaining employment, but staying in employment. The mentors work closely with their mentees to work through any barriers that might be stopping, delaying or otherwise impeding their entry into the workforce.

Cultural Management Change

Ensuring your business is culturally supportive and sustainable can be a challenge. Footprints can provide specialised support through a carefully constructed and guided strategic plan, guiding your business towards its diversity goals, mission, vision and values reconstruction through genuine engagement.