About Us

About Footprints

Growing up in an environment of uncertainty formed the basis for Managing Director and proud Ballardong Noongar Man, Darian Bolton, to create Footprints in January 2021. Footprints is based on his philosophy of everyone deserving access and opportunity to improve their lives and contribute to their community. By providing encouragement, guidance and structure, Darian believes that it does not matter who you are, where you have come from of what your past includes, positive change can be made for a successful future.

How we accomplish that is by helping long-term unemployed job seekers become job-ready, that is giving them the tools to succeed in work, providing them employment opportunities and supporting them through their transition from unemployment to employment. For us employment is more than just a job, it’s a gateway to a sense of self, financial security, and purpose.

Our mission

Our mission is to help vulnerable people take the step towards meaningful and sustainable employment and to leave their unique, positive footprint on the world.

Our Core values

RESILIENCE – Resilience underpins everything Footprints does and believes in. Resilience is being able to not just cope with challenges, problems and setbacks but how to become stronger because of them. In the increasingly complex context of today’s working environment, the resilience of individuals and organisations becomes critical for personal and business success.

DIVERSITY – Footprint’s advocates for the importance of diversity & believes that diversity of people (background, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation etc.) creates diverse viewpoints and innovative thinking

INTEGRITY – We endeavour to always conduct ourselves in an Honest, Open and Transparent manner and only partner ourselves with other people and businesses who display this same dedication to integrity.

COMPASSION – Surrounded by people’s person in our team, we will always put Human First, create Safe Spaces and help as many people in as many ways as we can

COURAGE – to Take the Step towards a new path requires a lot of courage, it’s scary and we understand that. Because of this we always promote and celebrate the small steps & achievements that our community undertake. We expect our candidates to be courageous so we as a company and as employees need to be equally courageous in executing our mission.

SERVICE – Everything we do is for the betterment of others, that is what motivates and drives us, focusing on the growth and well-being of our community. Labels like Profit-for-Purpose and Social Enterprise have become popular, but we don’t go for any of that we’re happy just being Footprints.  

Take The Step

Here at Footprints, we recognize that employment is more than just a job, it’s a gateway to a sense of self, financial security and purpose.

We believe that everybody deserves an opportunity, and our mission is to connect unemployed candidates with meaningful employment opportunities through resilience training support and mentoring. We work with like-minded employers to connect parties to achieve sustainable employment success.

Welcome Here Project

We are a proud member of the Welcome Here Project “where diversity is celebrated”!

As a proud member:

We WELCOME & include LGBTQ+ people, we want everyone to feel welcome & accepted every time they visit

We CREATE positive change in our local community

We CELEBRATE LGBTQ+ diversity and are committed to celebrating diverse communities 

Visit their website for more information and become a member (we need more in WA)

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We work with like-minded organisations