Cultural Management Change

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

Enhance and elevate cultural sensitivity, safety and inclusion to enable genuine engagement and contribute to effective cross-cultural working relationships, wellbeing and positive behaviours in the organisation.

We work with you to develop an inclusive workplace that values the contributions of your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and local communities in your organisation’s service delivery.


Our Cultural Transition Services include:

Perform a workplace cultural audit which looks at structures, policies and practices for their impact on and inclusion of Indigenous employees.

A best practice approach to grow and retain and talented and sustainable cohort of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees.

Assisting and setting cultural norms and establishing best practices in human resources policy and practice.

Provide guidance in building Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a roadmap to the organisation’s reconciliation journey.

A continuous and collaborative commitment with Footprints and the organisation using a ‘buy-in from the top’ strategy.

Assist in building strong relationships, not only with Indigenous employees but also with the community.