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At 58 years old and after being unemployed for 6 years, Jeff came to us and joined our TAKE THE STEP disability employment program through MatchWorks.

Since Jeff’s redundancy, he has found it really hard for him to find a new job, due to his recent health conditions, lack of qualifications and large gap since his last job.

During our training, Jeff was very engaged and contributed to the group with positivity and humour. Jeff also formed a special bond with others in the program who are now not only work mates but friends and a great support system by all encouraging each other to succeed.

Jeff successfully completed our program and is now celebrating his first month of employment at GJK Indigenous Solutions, pictured here with his manager Cassie who reflects he is an integral part of their team.

Great Resilience example Jeff!
Thanks for sharing your story!

Employment has changed my life for the better as I can afford to buy the things I want to and also pay my bills without the stress of not knowing where my next dollar is coming from.
I am very happy with the support provided during and after this pre-employment program.
Thank you Footprints!

Disability Employment Program

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