Indigenous Mentoring

Talent Development

Our team of mentors guide Indigenous job seekers through their journey into job readiness and not just gaining employment but staying in employment.

The mentors work closely with their mentees to work through any barriers that might be stopping, delaying or otherwise impeding their entry into the workforce.


Executive Training

A comprehensive cultural awareness training is provided for managers as they play a key role in recruitment and retention of Indigenous employees.


Training for HR

Cultural competency and sensitivity training for interviewing Indigenous candidates including alignment.


Training for all employees

It is not enough to have orientation or measures aimed only at current and potential Indigenous employees. If the workplace is not welcoming, it will be difficult for some employees to stay.


Career Counselling and Mentoring

Apply our best practices which will encourage Indigenous retention and advancement.


Indigenous Career Development Program

Whereby Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers could look at a range of occupations and plan for training to qualify for those occupations.


Leadership Training for Indigenous Employees

A specialised Indigenous Leadership Training Program for preparing Indigenous employees in development and succession planning.