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Phillip came to us from APM through the Indigenous Reconnect Program.

At 29 years old, Phillip has spent over 7 years unemployed. He has struggled with being able to find a company willing to give him a chance while facing his own insecurities about starting a job with little to no experience.
At the beginning of the Indigenous Reconnect program, Phillip was frustrated and not always engaging however through a mixture of group work and 1on1 mentoring, he successfully completed the program and is amazed how far he’s come.

Phillip has TAKEN THE STEP and now has a role working as a Trades Assistant with the view of a carpentry apprenticeship, which is his dream job.

With the right support and commitment Phillip is a great example that you can achieve your dreams.

“Footprints training changed my life and I highly recommend it to people who need a push in life. Especially if you struggle on a daily basis, there are really good things happening there. Runed by a great bunch of amazing people, I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Indigenous Mentoring

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