Resilience Workshops

The ability to cope with the challenges, problems and set-backs and how to become stronger because of them.

In the increasingly complex context of today’s working environment, the resilience of individuals and organisations becomes critical for personal and business success.

All our training programs include our Footprints Resilience Workshop. Resilience is now recognised as a critically important skill to demonstrate in the workplace. Resilience is the ability to cope with the challenges, problems, and setbacks you face in life, and to become stronger because of them. This leads to stronger, long term employees. 

Our Workshops involve insightful, interactive exercises with no embarrassing activities. By identifying our candidates existing strengths we empower them to be able to persevere through new obstacles, learn to respond and not overreact through mindfulness techniques and growth mindset. All our training is based in applied behavioural sciences and has been proven to be practically applicable in real world everyday scenarios.

The platform we use to deliver our Resilience Workshops was developed by our partners Esher House. Esher House harnesses behavioural science, technology and data analytics to humanise human services and drive outcomes for employment and education.