“The staff at Footprints are really good at what they do. It can be very difficult for people to be in, and participate in a group of strangers but there, everyone was made to feel welcome, included, comfortable and they even managed to make it really fun for everyone. Overall just a great experience!” Traffic […]


“My chance at being put through your training reminded me how I can be better than good at interacting with other people,that my brain is itching to be used again, and that the opportunity to start afresh in a whole new industry seemed totally attainable thanks to all your positive input.(..) Everyone there has a […]


Derek (the smiling one in the middle) suffered from low self-confidence for years due to struggles with literacy and numeracy. After completing our TAKE THE STEP program, Derek started working at Contraflow as a Traffic controller.Our Indigenous mentor, Bianca, guided Derek through his pre-employment program. With a little bit of assistance, he successfully went through […]