Talent Acquisition

Attract and Recruit

The point of view and perceptions of non-Indigenous mangers and employees can either create a welcoming and inclusive workplace, or can contribute to discrimination and exclusion.

Footprints will expand the organisation's recruitment process beyond the corporate hiring norms using our talent acquisition best practices. We can help you build an immersive hiring and onboarding experience.

The Hiring Need

Design Recruitment Plan

Review positions and job responsibilities. Look for a possibility of having a specialised First Nations position.

Find out how positions align with organisation goals, values and interview process. Prepare staff through training recruiters and hiring managers on Cultural competency training for interviewing Indigenous candidates.

Review & Rewrite Inclusive Job Description

Attract & Source Indigenous Talent

Use culturally appropriate language and recognising Aboriginal knowledge, skills and culture on job descriptions.

Creating and posting openings on job boards that specifically target Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment. Provide talent pool of First Nations people, with Footprints established connections.

Facilitate Seamless Hiring Experience

On Boarding Process

Assess applicant based on their qualifications. Establish awareness of the protocols, culture, history and world views of those communities to create a safe interviewing environment.

Establish a welcoming workplace for Indigenous peoples.